Kathleen Ranahan, MBA

Kathleen Ranahan, MBA CEO

What’s the impact of ineffective coaching? – Call 772-999-3546 to develop your skills!

Posted by Kathleen Ranahan on January 22, 2011.

Are you a patient and effective coach? Cultivating talents and being able to provide ongoing feedback (positive / or negative) is essential to leadership development. The core competency of developing others and the value of cultivating individual talents is to provide objective assessments of an employee’s strengths and areas for development. We teach leaders about […]

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What’s the impact of conflict? – Call 772-999-3546 to access teambuilding tools!

Posted by Kathleen Ranahan on January 21, 2011.

Conflicts generally arise when there are varying work styles and failures to effectively communicate. Understanding the inner workings of basic behavioral styles is critical for any organization. The leadership competency of adaptability and being able to adjust to people and circumstances will provide the foundation to resolve conflicts. We teach leaders how to readily identify […]

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