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Posted by Kathleen Ranahan on February 26, 2019.

Provide targeted training for new sales staff.

When hiring, your sales force should already have the core competencies of sales. Once you realize that you have attracted the “right” talent,  training is imperative. Organizations must select effective training programs that will improve the bench strength and knowledge base of the sales department. Training should balance focus between product knowledge and technology to learn more about prospects and clients. Sales managers and organizations must be aware of the needs of their sales force in order to select the best training programs. Too many times new employees lack a proper onboarding process that includes structured training that suits their learning style.  Many sales reps ultimately fail because they miss the foundational knowledgebase to be successful.

Author: Kathleen Ranahan

Kathleen Ranahan Kathleen’s expertise is derived from 20+ years of Business Operations, Sales / Marketing and Human Resources background, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Her knowledge base encompasses Business and Organizational Development, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Recruitment and the proven ability to assist with the growth and development of individuals or corporations.

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