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One-On-One Management / Leadership Coaching

Coaching is an interactive process focused on maximizing leadership effectiveness and creating sustained high performance.  We recommend that leaders commit to support behavioral changes, enhance the growth and development of the core competencies of leadership and the associated skills, and to ensure the success of meeting goals and objectives.  This commitment will equip your leaders with the tools and expanded knowledge needed to improve self management and develop change resiliency.

Step I:  Engagement

The assigned business coach will schedule an initial introduction teleconference meeting with the individual being coached and his / her manager.  This meeting is designed to develop a mutual understanding of the coaching process, expected outcomes, specific issues and time frames for the initiative.  During the initial discussion, the Coach will discuss the value of utilizing assessments as part of the winning formula for success and will deploy the Profile XT™ and the Profiles Performance Indicator™ for the individual to complete prior to the first coaching session.  The results will be communicated within the first four coaching sessions depending upon the agreed upon action plan with each person.

Step II:  Development of an Action Plan

Schedule a one-on-one meeting with the Coach with the individual who will be coached to set the groundwork and discuss the coaching process, accountabilities, and confidentiality.  This consists of a structured interview, data collection.  An in-depth dialogue of relevant issues for performance improvement, developmental targets, and effective strategies for change will be addressed to support the development of an action plan.

Step III:   Implementation of Coaching

Coaching sessions are scheduled once a week over the course of the program by telephone.  The advantages of coaching by telephone are to assist the individual being coached with improving time management skills, learning how to focus and gain a new perspective without distractions.  Coaching sessions focus on skill acquisition, accountability, and delivering the stated goals and objectives.

Step IV:  Feedback Sessions

A teleconference feedback session is scheduled with the Manager and the Coach after each six coaching sessions of the process and at completion to discuss progress and additional improvements.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Develop self-understanding that leads to leadership that is more effective
  • Improve management skills with planning, staffing, organizing and controlling
  • Develop skills to manage change and become more adaptable
  • Clarify causes of poor performance and create a context for long-term change
  • Determine best choices and decisions possible for you and your team
  • Resolve conflicts that may impede performance results
  • Manage time and resources more effectively
  • Focus on personal growth as well as on leadership skills
  • Enhance achievement of business and personal goals
  • Maintain a satisfying balance between your business and private life
  • Apply the most powerful tools & personal growth techniques to your life


Here are some of the great things that our clients are saying!

I highly recommend this program to any Agent that wants to grow their business, learn excellent management tools, learn how to hire right the first time, learn how to set goals & have a detailed follow through system, learn about their employees and what makes them get excited about your business, to create a TEAM of Excited Employees.

— B. Farber – Allstar

I made President’s Conference because I qualified for it. Me!!! I did that!! But it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t had Kathleen in my ear, coaching me, encouraging me, checking on my progress, questioning my resolve, on a constant basis, week after week after week. I qualified for President’s Conference, but Nationwide should have sent you to Maui, right along with me!

— G. Sherman

My coach’s communication style is professional, enthusiastic, engaging, and supportive. My goal is to operate a top selling, growth agency and as our weekly coaching sessions progressed she skillfully guided me to explore my own paradigms regarding success and helped to identify behaviors both in me and my staff that get in the way of us reaching our goals. With these new insights, I have implemented some new management and sales strategies that have already resulted in a higher sales volume. The executive coaching process was well worth the time and expense.

— P. Davenport

Just a note to let you know how pleased I have been with your coaching sessions. Your style is always friendly and easy going, yet professional. We are now in our second year of using your coaching services. I have been able to begin the process of effecting some change per your coaching in our procedures and processes that I feel will enhance our efficiency and bottom line performance. I would be happy to act as a reference point if anyone would care to call me. Best wishes for continued success.

— L. Crane

As you are well aware my business is constantly trying to push the envelope in all ways. Our business has undergone drastic changes in services as well as personnel and marketing and trying to get control or an understanding of this change has been daunting. Since I have been meeting with you and putting those issues out into the open I have found myself better equipped to make decisions in regards to personnel, marketing, service, and even personal issues.

— R. Garland

Kathleen helped me evaluate the needs in my agency that I was lacking or putting off. I finally created the urgency for me to get my practices in place with her assistance. I hope to work with her again in 2010.

— C. Polk

Kathleen, thanks for all that you have done for Frank, Me, and our Management Team. We are all better at what we do as a result of your training and tutelage.

— J. Rogers and F. Goldbach

Most Agents are good salespeople, however, they lack experience with employee relations and management. Kathleen can fill this gap. I had the opportunity to work with her late last year and she was extremely helpful!! She helped me exit some people out of the business and assisted me in the recruiting process. She did an awesome job!! I think her service could be very valuable to other agencies.

— G. Masters

Kathleen has been a tremendous resource for all things business, especially all my HR issues. She has helped me create a dynamic atmosphere at my agency in which all things are possible. I would recommend Kathleen to anyone who wishes to maximize the productivity of their agency workplace.

— R. Brotemarkle

Kathleen’s extensive experience in business coaching and understanding of the complexities and day-to-day challenges that Nationwide business owners face in strategy planning and execution has been invaluable to my agency. Kathleen’s help for me could not have arrived at a more opportune time as I had just completed my MBA and needed a business coach to help me take “business management theories” and begin the process of strategy planning and execution. Kathleen’s passion, insight, optimism and can-do attitude while working with my agency was a huge breath of fresh air that I would recommend to any Nationwide agent. I got way more than my money’s worth!

— P. Mears