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Learn the Skill of Delegation

What’s the impact of not delegating successfully? Managers typically find themselves following up, following up, and following up. Or, they fall into the trap of doing it all themselves! In order for you to be at optimum performance, your team needs to be at optimum performance! Learn the skill of improved delegation. Utilize a process that will make employees more accountable.

Time Management is NOT About Time Management

What’s the impact of not managing time? Lost production! Time management is about having the ability to manage priorities after gaining clarity about the organization’s vision. The measurement would be the ability to focus on priorities and to deliver expected results. Our process assists individuals in being more proactive vs. reactive as they learn the value of prime vs. non-prime time and are able to identify specific tasks for the appropriate timelines.

Best Practice for Hiring

What the impact of poor hiring? Turnover! This is the number one decision a manager will make. It is typically done without a process or system and the cost of failure is immense! Learn best practices for hiring. We work to clarify the culture in order to attract and retain the “right” candidate. You will understand the need to use behavioral based interview questions that align with the role and the culture as part of the hiring process.

Motivating Successfully

What is the impact of employee disengagement? Learn what truly motivates all people to improve the level of commitment, awareness and dedication to your business. The development of people is focused on understanding what motivates them. The outcome will be an improved level of participation from team members to enhance synergy and have more consistent involvement from employees in solving problems.

Powerful Performance Feedback

What is the impact of lack of feedback? It is the number one reason employees give for leaving organizations! Cultivating individual talents and being able to provide ongoing feedback (positive / or negative) is essential to leadership development. The outcome of this class will be the ability to engage and involve the employees in their own performance evaluations and future development plans.

Resolving Conflicts

What is the impact of conflict? The underlying or obvious dissention equates to not only low morale, but lost productivity. The intended outcome of this module is to build skills to adjust to varying work styles. This effort will provide the foundation for improving communications and resolving conflicts. Understanding varying behavioral styles for employees, prospects and clients is the key to building strong relationships.