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This program was designed to learn critical competencies of leadership and to improve skills, team productivity, and overall business performance.  Six, one-hour teleconference training sessions are delivered on a bi-weekly over the course of 90 days.

Module One – Leadership Competencies


Objective: Building the Skill of Delegation
The focus of module one is to gain an understanding of the core competencies of leadership and to identify the key challenges of leadership. This session will provide a practical process to assist the manager in holding employees accountable and empower employees to work to solve problems on their own. My efforts will center on delivering useful methodologies for the manager to improve overall effectiveness.

Expected Outcome
Reduce the impact of poor delegation including lost time and productivity. The skill of delegation will allow the manager to improve focus and communicate the changing priorities in a more effective manner. The manager will learn the steps in the Upfront Agreement to manage their workflow. The expected outcome is the ability for the manager to utilize our proven process to improve performance and hold employees accountable.

Module Two – Task Management Competency

Objective: Working More Efficiently / Time Management The scope of module two is to help increase awareness of how time is spent and to gain clarity about priorities in order to align staff. I use a proven process to guide participants from their current position to the future to achieve their vision. This training session sets the stage to support participants in moving beyond procrastination and will provide the forum to improve employee engagement.

Expected Outcome: Time management is about having the ability to manage priorities after gaining clarity about the organization’s vision.  The expected outcome is the ability to focus on priorities and to deliver expected results.  My process assists individuals in being more proactive vs. reactive as they learn the value of prime vs. non-prime time and learn to identify specific tasks for the appropriate timelines.

Module Three – Communication Competency

Objective: Improve Hiring Outcomes
The focus of this module is to learn how to communicate more effectively during the hiring process and to understand the tools and techniques needed for you to manage your selection initiatives. This class will provide a step-by-step process and provide needed resources to make intelligent hiring decisions. I will deliver proven methods to screen and hire appropriate candidates with the required skills and aptitude to meet current and future organizational needs.

Expected Outcome: Improve your current practices for hiring.  Clarify the elements necessary to determine candidate fit in order to hire and retain the “right” candidates. Utilize a structured interviewing process and learn about the value of appropriate pre-hire tools to understand the competencies needed and skills required for job fit. Drive the level of engagement with other members of the hiring team to objectively obtain better information, identify the best candidates, and conduct better interviews.

Module Four – Developing Others Competencies

Objectives: Motivating Successfully – Improving Team Synergy
Productivity is directly related to the competency of developing others. I offer a winning formula for motivating successfully. This module provides insight into creating environments where synergy is created by learning a process for facilitating team success.

Expected Outcome: The development of people is focused on understanding what motivates them.  The expected outcome is an improved level of participation from team members to enhance synergy and have more consistent involvement from employees in solving problems.

Module Five – Developing Others Competency

Objectives: Cultivate Individual Talents – Deliver Powerful Evaluations
Module five is an expanded focus on the core competency of developing others and the value of cultivating individual talents. The main objective is to teach participants how to provide objective assessments of other’s strengths and areas of development. I discuss the underlying issues of poor performance and specific ways to enhance performance.

Expected Outcome: Cultivating individual talents and being able to provide ongoing feedback (positive / or negative) is essential to leadership development.  The measurement would be to be able to engage and involve the employees in their own performance evaluations and future development plans.

Module Six – Adaptability Competency

Objective: Adjust to Circumstances – Resolving Conflicts
The intention of this module is to build skills in order to adjust to people’s varying work styles. This effort will provide the foundation for improving communications and resolving conflicts. The assessment we will use in this module will provide a knowledge base to anticipate change and adapt accordingly in order to build strength among team members.

Expected Outcome: Understanding varying behavioral styles for employees, prospects and clients is the key to building strong relationships.  The expected outcome is the ability to identify and adapt to various behavioral styles, enhance communication skills and resolve conflicts.