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Posted by Kathleen Ranahan on May 9, 2011.

The hiring process can be daunting if not approached in a process driven way. Setting the foundation for hiring starts with identifying your culture. Is your work environment a fast moving, ever changing, damanding? Or, is your setting more methodical, process driven, and evenly paced kind of culture?

Identifying the elements of your culture is an essential component in the hiring process. Being able to assess if your job candidates align with your environment is crucial to addressing overall job fit. Specific interview questions should be designed to determine if a prospective candidate has the behavioral traits to match the pace, requirements, and values of your culture. This aspect of job match is as important as knowing if a candidate has the skills and qualifications to meet the specifications of the job.

Author: Kathleen Ranahan

Kathleen Ranahan Kathleen’s expertise is derived from 20+ years of Business Operations, Sales / Marketing and Human Resources background, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Her knowledge base encompasses Business and Organizational Development, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Recruitment and the proven ability to assist with the growth and development of individuals or corporations.

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