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Posted by Kathleen Ranahan on May 12, 2015.

Use a systematic process to retain clients and earn new business.

Companies generally have many objectives when it comes to sales and always include revenue growth and market share. These goals not only depend on the product or service, but industry size as well. Using your relationship with your current customer base to upsell or cross sell is very effective and many companies do not utilize these relationships to full capacity. Leveraging existing relationships and asking for testimonials or referrals is an easy way to transition your strengths to your next client.  It’s imperative to take the time to establish and implement consistent marketing and sales strategies to retain and obtain new business that will ensure long-term growth for the entire organization.

Author: Kathleen Ranahan

Kathleen Ranahan Kathleen’s expertise is derived from 20+ years of Business Operations, Sales / Marketing and Human Resources background, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Her knowledge base encompasses Business and Organizational Development, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Recruitment and the proven ability to assist with the growth and development of individuals or corporations.

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